Monday, 1 July 2013

99th Garrison attends Elstree Studios, London - 30th June, 2013.

The 99th Garrison was asked to attend Elstree Studios, in London... the home of Star Wars where the original [and best] trilogy was filmed. 

This was a short event for us and we did not need to be at the venue until 1:00pm and on arrival we were provided with sandwiches, crisps, cakes and drinks to keep us going until the guests arrived at 2:45pm.

It was a very, very warm day [for a change] and we were glad of the air conditioning in the large room which was our base for the day. 

The special guests were on a tour of locations used for filming in and around Elstree and were on an old red Routemaster double decker bus for the trip.

They duly arrived at about 2:45pm as planned and as we had been kept a secret from them they were somewhat surprised to find us waiting for them when they got back to the Studios.  There was lots of posing for photographs in the boiling sun and lots of "aren't you warm in there?!" comments.

We mingled with the guests for about twenty minutes or so and then, once they had left we had various photos taken in and around the entrance to the studios.  This included a short walk to Tescos to a point where you could see the sign for the George Lucas Stage!

We then de-kitted and had a few more photos taken using the Elstree Studio signs as much as possible.  We were also given a small donation by Bob, the event organiser of £50 to go to Dreamflight.

It was great to see Dave, John, James, Stu and little James, Ken, Paul, Sonya and AJ, Paul, Susan and Megan, Gary and Rachel.  I think that it is safe to say that we were all a little hot and sweaty at the end of the event.... it was just so hot!!!