Monday, 15 July 2013

The 99th Garrison attends Anna and Dan's Wedding - The Threehorseshoes Inn and Hotel,Leek

The 99th Garrison was asked by Bride to be Anna, to surprise her husband to be at their wedding.  This was at the Three Horseshoes Inn and Hotel, Leek on Monday 15th July, 2013.
This being a Monday meant taking a day off work for me but as it was a fairly local venue and a wedding [which I do enjoy doing] I was glad to take the day off!
We were due to be at the venue for 09:30 to meet the bride and check out the venue for trip hazards etc.... Stormtroopers do have limited vision!  I actually got to the venue for about 09:00am but as the weather was glorious and still not too hot, I was more than happy to sit out in the sun and admire the view watching the local blue tits and a little rabbit!
I was soon by joined by Vicky, Jim, Andy, Alan, Gary and David and we set ourselves up in the Inn's meeting room [after the bride had had her hair done in there] which was to be our base for the day.
We were a total surprise for the groom and most of the guests so had travelled in our normal gear instead of our 99th crew tops which are usually essential wear for our troops.  We got ready as quietly as possible which is not always easy with troopers voiceboxes and speakers and static bursts.  We were asked to be just outside the room for the service for about 11:25am and then once all the guests were seated we made our entrance to the Imperial March.
The reaction to our entrance was amazing.. most people cheered and laughed and the groom was really, really shocked but also very, very happy.  He said that line that everyone uses to a stormtrooper who is smaller than normal ..... "aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper! and for that he was cuffed!
We then de-cuffed him ready for the bride's entrance to the main Star Wars theme music and we stood behind the registrar's table, in front of all the guests and happy couple for the duration of the service.  Me in the middle as the officer for the day and three troopers either side.
After the service and signing the register, we then escorted the newly weds back down the isle before having a quick break and then joining the wedding party for their professional photos by Matt from Geek Pride. 

We finished our duties at about 1:45pm and then we were treated to a meal in the venue's restuarant.... a lovely beef roast dinner with all the trimmings!  Much needed and appreciated... Thank you very much!!
Anna and Dan also made a donation of £100 to Dreamflight.... Thank you very, very much!!!!

A huge thanks to Andy [his first troop with the 99th!], Alan, Jim, Gary, Dave and Vicky. Truly dedicated troopers!!