Sunday, 16 June 2013

The 99th attends Glass Fest - Knottingley, West Yorkshire - Sat, 15th June, 2013

The 99th was asked by Ian Kirton to attend a "Glass Fest"  - to celebrate all things glass related at a Rugby Union Club on Saturday, 15th June, 2013 at Knottingley, West Yorkshire.

This was just over an hours journey from home and we didn't need to be in armour until 11:00am so I left home at about 8:40am and got there about 9:50am.  We were given the rugby players changing room to get changed in ..... not the cleanest of rooms we have ever used but plenty of space for us.
Typical stormtroopers.... even at this close range we couldn't hit the targets!
The event was held on the rugby playing field which fortunately was dry!  It was also very large with all the usual family funday/village fete stalls spread out around the edge which later on in the day only emphasised how quiet the event was. This was a real shame as the event had everything there for a nice afternoon out with the family but sadly, people just didn't turn up.  This was despite the event being publicised, including on the local radio station. 
Spot the public!
The Yorkshire Regiment of the Army was also there and had an inflatable assault course which looked like good fun.  Unexpectedly, there were no stall holders selling or advertising their glass ware.

The Wakefield College was also there and we were asked to pose for an official photograph to be used in future publicity material for them.
This photo was taken for publicity material for Wakefield college.
This was a small event from the point of view of the 99th with only myself as a Scout and John [who also bought his R2 unit along] and Dave as Stormtroopers, with Rachel and Dave's son Harrison also coming along too.  Rachel took all the photos that were taken.... thanks Rachel!  Harrison had a few goes on the Army assault course and I think that it is safe to say that he found it tiring but fun!
Harrison giving it his best!
The event started at 11:00 and the weather forecast had not been good so when it was still quiet when the event opened we remained optimistic that it would pick up, especially as it stayed dry and the sun was actually out for the most of the time, but sadly after lunch, we trooped for a short while and then decided to call it a day as it was just not getting any busier - although the bar at the club was.  I was also suffering with a cold and a runny nose which isn't fun under a helmet and with a balaclava on and was glad of a shorter troop.
one of those orbs that you walk inside of... none us fancied a go in one in armour!!
We allowed to collect for Dreamflight at this event but due to the small number of visitors the pots were still very light and i have made the decision not to break the security seal on this occasion to open them and count the monies.  I'll save them for our next Dreamflight event.
I wasn't going to get into this either!!
Having de-kitted at about 1:35pm I was home for just gone three and promptly went straight to bed to try and sleep off my cold.... so far, it hasn't worked.
The lady from the "Horror Scopes" Tent
Huge thanks to John, Dave, Rachel and Harrison.  No post troop photo out of armour on this occasion... I completely forget and was keen to get home and get to bed!
This was taken with a lady [stood next to me] who I think is Linda McAvan - Shadow Home Secretary and MEP.