Sunday, 3 July 2011

Morecambe Festival Market Family Fun Day 3rd July 2011

The 99th was asked to attend the Morecambe Festival Family Fun Day by the Mandalorian Mercs with all monies raised going to the Make a Wish Foundation.
It was just me and the Craigster at this one from the 99th as no one was available and Jim has a bad back at the moment so I Ieft home at bout 07:00hrs on Sunday and picked Craig up en route, arriving at the Market Hall at about 09:05.  We could not find anyone from the Mandalorians as it turned out that we were the first to arrive but eventually found one of the market stall holders who looked after us finely, paying for parking and for lunch!!
The others arrived at about 09:45 and we were also joined by the Galactic Knights, so in total there was two from the 99th, two from Galactic Knights and two from the Mandalorians so a real joint troop and it was good that we all got to work together for a change.
A backdrop had been set up for photos which were taken and printed there and then for a £1 ... a real bargain.  We were kept busy all day, working in groups with some at the backdrop and some getting some fresh air outside although that had to be in the shade as the weather was truly glorious!!
It was a really good family fun day out by the seaside with live music, face painting, people on stilts, balloons, candy floss, ice cream, Punch and Judy, local dance groups, and not one but two fire engines... including a massive fire ladder!!! 

By 3:30 things were starting to quieten down and with the long drive home, me and Craig decided to de-kit.  However, having gone all the way to Morecambe for the first time in years, I decided that we had to go for a walk along the promenade and  have our photo taken with Eric Morcambe's statue and once that deed was done, we... being two members of the 99th Garrison had to have a 99 each with flake and raspberry ripple... lovely!!!
A huge thanks to Craig, and to Alison, Phil, Chris, Karen and hubby and son Dominic for being excellent crew [and thinking that me and Craig were an item [instead of me being his mum which is what a lot of people think ... lol]]