Saturday, 23 July 2011

Collection for Dreamflight at That's Entertainment's First Birthday - Huddersfield - Sat 23 July 2011

The 99th was asked to support three branches of That's Entertainment on celebrating their first birthdays..... Sheffield, Huddersfield and Manchester and today, 23rd July was the turn of their branch in Huddersfield.

The journey wasn't too bad and fortunately the weather had picked up from last week which had been quite dull and cold and we had a very picturesque journey of about an hour from base with the Craigster already with us to Huddersfield through some lovely little villages such as Holme and Digley not far from where they used to film Last of the Summer Wine.

We were well looked after by Chris and his staff at their branch and tea/coffee and choc chip cookies were provided for us on arrival and we were shortly joined by Craig Elliott and Nigel who had traveled down from the North East for the event.  

We trooped from about 10:45 until 3:00pm with lunch provided by Chris from Subway and we were also allowed to collect for Dreamflight and managed to collect £105.34 from the good people of Huddersfield... thank you!!  Although, one lady appeared to be completely oblivious to our presence, including Ken being sat next to her on a bench!

Nigel and Craig E had to leave early for their longer journey home and left about 2:30pm but me, Jim, Craig and Ken went for a well earned cuppa after the event in a local cafe.  Then, on the journey back the weather was so nice and the scenery so stunning that we stopped at a couple of spots to take some picces but they just don't do it justice!  Must go back round that area for a walk or two some time!

Thanks to Jim, Craig, the Craigster, Nigel and Ken and to Chris and his staff at That's Entertainment.