Sunday, 10 April 2011

National Veterans Collection in Heywood

Today was our second event this weekend and another quiet and low key one. We were asked to attend a Fun Day at The Heywood in funnily enough...... Heywood and help raise funds for the National Veterans Association.  We did not need to be in armour until 2:00pm and had chance to take advantage of the nice weather for a change whilst we chatted outside the pub.  No alcoholic beverages passed our lips the entire time!

The event seemed very quiet to us but we were spoken to by several people who wanted us to attend events for them as well so we may well get more events out of it and I spent most of the afternoon trying to persuade a little toddler that I really wasn't that scary but even though he got a little braver every time he came towards me with his Dad, he just would not come any closer than about 2 meters... are we/I really that scary??!!

A professional photographer was booked for part of the day and things did pick up a little at this point as we were asked to pose for some cool piccies!

The monies hadn't been counted when we left so don't know the amount collected.

A plus point was that it only took just over an hour to get there!   Most events that we attend are at least an hour and a half away!..... and we got fed...again!!!  Chilli or Hot pot  ...Woohoo!!!

Thanks to Jim, Simon and the Craigster!