Friday, 1 April 2011

Filming of Part Two of the 99th Garrison's Fan Film. 27th March 2011

The 99th Garrison has made a Star Wars Fan Film which is called "The Secret in the Sand" Part one was made some time ago and is already on Youtube for all to see. Part 1 ended with a bit of a cliff hanger and was "to be continued" although we all thought that the chances of Part 2 actually being made were quite slim as our esteemed director, Gaz, went off to live in Australia.

Fortunately though, he is now back in country, albiet briefly, for his sister's wedding and whilst back over here in the UK, he offered to film Part 2.

So on Sunday 27th March 2011, having lost an hour's kip with the clocks going forward, we were up at 5:30am for our drive to "location" in Formby.

The day was interesting, long and hard with the filming on the dunes taking longer than planned and not being completed until 6:00pm and me, Jim and the Craigster doing the green screen shots with Gaz at his friend's house [Thanks Nigel!] and not finishing those until 11:30pm and then driving home and not getting to bed until 01:00am with work the following morning!

The day had its ups and downs, with some equipment damage for nearly all of us who were there but was still an enjoyable day. Can't wait to see the finished product.... so no pressure Gaz!!  And the Craigster died..... again!!!! - see below. And so did I this time, but in a very ladylike and graceful style!