Saturday, 23 April 2011

Collection for the Wirral Branch of the MS Society - 23rd April 2011

This was a return visit for the 99th Garrison to the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Liscard on the Wirral.  We have collected for the MS Society here before.

We were provided with an empty shop unit in which to set up base with the MS Society and it was nice to meet up with some of them again.  We were also directly opposite Heart FM radio.

We were busy all day with people wanting their photos taken with us and at times were very busy but the collection pots were correspondingly heavy..... The monies collected have been counted and the total raised in £1373.70!!!!  

Lots of children wanted their photos with us today and some came along in their own Star Wars costumes for the photo opportunity including one little boy who came along dressed as Commander Rex but became all shy and was only able to join us for a photo after lots and lots of encouragement and coaxing from us and his Dad.

During the morning, a mystery carrier bag of shopping appeared in the empty shop unit that we were using for photos and we all assumed that it had been left there by mistake by a shopper who would realise their shopping was missing and return to collect it.  We also commented on how it was unusual for the Cherry Tree Centre Management not to provide cold drinks and snacks for us.  It was only at the end of the day that I looked at the contents of the bag and saw that items had been labelled "99th"  Doh!  They had been meant for us all day!

It was one of those rare events where we had the opportunity to sell key rings and other little trinkets etc and we did really well with that as well, managing to raise just over £60 towards Garrison running costs.

It was great to meet one of our troopers for the first time and to see some that we don't get to see very often.

A Huge thanks to Craig and Jacqui for being excellent Crew for us and to Colin, Chris, Jim, Simo and Paul.