Monday, 13 February 2012

99th Attends the launch of The Phantom Menace in 3D at the aptly named Empire Cinema, Wigan - Sunday 12th February, 2012

The 99th was asked to help the empire..... The Empire Cinema in Wigan.. to launch The Phantom Menace in 3D and kindly allowed us to collect for Dreamflight as well.
We needed to be in costume by 1:00pm so left base at about 11:00am.. picking the Craigster up on the way.  We were at the cinema for two screenings until 5:00pm but were allowed to stay after that to see the film ourselves if we wished as well... for free.  Unfortunately, none of us were able to but we were given free passes instead with no date to use them by!
This was the second troop of 2012 for me and also the second troop this year where we met a new member.  Today it was Grant.  Great to meet him as a fellow Scout/Tree Dodger but not to stand next to, if, like me, you're a little on the short side.... he is very tall!! and made me feel tiny in comparison!!!! :-)
We had a good day and were well received by the punters and the staff alike.  Lots of children turned up with their Star Wars T shirts on ... and lots of keen Dads as well!  That's the thing about Star Wars.... it gets all generations in the end!
A nice second troop at which we raised £72.80 on the day for Dreamflight. see