Saturday, 11 February 2012

99th attends Kev's 40th birthday bash for Dreamflight - Fri 10th February, 2012

This was the first event of 2012 for me.  I know Kevin from my Dreamflight trips and he is a massive Star Wars Fan.  He asked the 99th to attend his 40th Birthday do in Farnworth to help him celebrate and also collect for Dreamflight.  For those of you who don't know about Dreamflight check out and watch the 3 minute introductory video.
The do was an evening event and the weather forecast had not been brilliant so last minute on Thursday night/Friday morning I decided to take a days leave as that would cut down on my travelling considerably.  
I left base at about 3:30 and got to Swinton where I was picking up a new member of the 99th - Ian - for his first troop with us... as crew.  Having picked Ian up we arrived at the venue at about 5:15 and eventually found somewhere to park!  Jim arrived with the Craigster shortly after.
We were given the artists changing room at the back of the stage in the club's function room to get changed in.  Suitable lifesize cardboard cutouts of C3PO and Lord Vader were on the stage and Kev had a Boba Fett birthday cake!
Guests started to arrive just after seven but not before Ian showed us the Stromtrooper Armour that he had bought so that he could be given some hints/tips on strapping and how to put it together for clearance.  He should be trooping in armour very soon!  Ian then de-kitted and was excellent crew for the night.
We were positioned at the top of a flight of stairs where the guests entered the function room and we were able to hide and suddenly appear as they reached the top and we had what has to be the loudest and most real scream from someone when they first saw us that I think I have ever heard when I've been trooping.  Once she got over her shock she loved us.  
Guests had been told that they could dress up if they wanted to and one lady came as an Ewok.  It was a very good costume and she really did love us!  She said it was a dream come true for her and had loads of photos taken with us.
We had a good night and de kitted about 8:30 and stayed for some buffet [including some Star Wars choclate cup cakes!] and what turned out to the the highlight of the evening when Kev came into the room with his mate dressed in wrestlers' outfits. You had to see Kev's outfit to believe it but it didn't leave much to the imagination!  His mate had a Morph suit on that looked like a dinner suit/Tuxedo.  They then proceeded to play wrestle for a while before leading a conga around the room!!!  Way to go Kev!!!
A very nice troop for the first one of the year.... thanks to Kev and his guests we collected a total of £185.82 for Dreamflight.... thank you very much!!!
A huge thanks to Ian [excellent crew!] Jim and Craig and to Kev and Nicola for inviting us along.