Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wedding in Dudley for Karl and Catherine - 14th May 2011

The 99th Garrison was asked by the bride and groom to be part of their wedding day.  We were requested to be at the daytime reception venue [Blakelands Country House, Halfpenny Green, Dudley] in armour for 2:30 to greet the happy couple and guests who were due to arrive at about 2:45pm.  As is the way with weddings though things ran a little late and it was about 3:15pm before they started to arrive. By this time we had had sun shine and rain and more rain and had had to take cover inside. Fortunately, though the sun shine for a few minutes when the bridal party arrived and we were in position thanks to Craig's excellent instructions -   2 stormtroopers at the Gates, 2 Biker Scouts half way up the path and Lord Vader and 2 more stormtroopers at the main entrance.

The hardest thing to do though was not to look at the bridal party as it arrived as myself and Craig had agreed that we would stand to attention, looking straight ahead and then salute as the bride and groom walked past us... I so wanted to look at the limo and the bride's dress but managed to resist and the salute off me and Craig was well received.

Once the guests had arrived the rain came down again and we retreated inside and mingled with the guests as they had their pre-dinner drinks..... not the usual sherry or bucks fizz but bottles of Corona beer or cider!   We did get the chance for some official photos though before the rain arrived which includes one where the groom and his suitably suited party, dropped their trousers to reveal............   ....... their Star Wars underpants!  Fortunately, I had my helmet on to hide my embarrassment.... where was a girl supposed to look!!!  Then  when the guests went into dinner and were all seated we escorted the bride and groom to the top table to the Imperial March.

We also presented the Groom with a receipt from Christies Cancer Trust for their generous donation.

Whilst the guests had their dinner we were provided with refreshments which included Sith Lightning.... a bottle each of strawberry/apple flavoured cider brewed especially for the occasion with a picture of the bride and groom dressed as jedis on the label.  We also took the opportunity to take some photos in the very plush surroundings of Blakelands... a very, very, nice place indeed!  Much grander surrundings than we in the 99th are used to!

We then chatted for a while before going back out to meet the evening guests for a short while and being given more donations for Christies from some of the guests and departed at about 8:00pm as we still had a 2 hour drive up the M6.  

Huge thanks to Steve, Ken, Simo, Craig, Stu and Jim.