Sunday, 4 November 2012

The 99th Garrison supports the Poppy Appeal.
The 99th Garrison was asked to support the British Legion Poppy Appeal at the Westfield Centre, Derby on Saturday, 3rd Nvember, 2012. This is an event which we have done for the Legion now for about 3 years and is always a good one.

We had to be in armour for 10:30 but having got there in plenty of time, for one reason and another we were a little bit late in going out to our spot by the Legion's stand and didn't get there until nearly 11:00.  I couldn't believe that Vader had his helmet polished by Paul with a pink cloth!!  Very unimperial!!

This wasn't too bad though as the centre had started to get busy and there were more people around.  

We were very popular all day and our collection pots were very heavy.  The money in them has now been counted and has come out at £368.10!!!  Thanks to all who were involved and donated. 

We were fortunate to have Lord Vader with us and he was very, very popular with never a second to spare!  We also had the Craigster, Ken, Jim, Paul and Rhys.

It was interesting talking to the volunteers on the Legion's stand as is always the same people every year and up until this event, they thought that we were a commercial enterprise and got paid for what we did.  If only!!

At one point the Craigster was talking to a Polish gentleman who told us that he was 92!  He had numerous stories to tell us about his time in second world war and was such a gent and a character. He could have kept us talking all day but other people were wanting our attention to so we had to say good bye.. but only after he told us that he could't chase the ladies anymore because of his bad leg!

I did Scout in the morning and after lunch as I could see that it was getting busy I decided to do Crew in my Imperial Officer.  I'm glad I did as it did get busier and we really needed eyes in the back of our heads!

We finished trooping at about 4:15pm and then de-kitted and had a quick non alcoholic drink in TGI Friday.  There were a couple of ladies sat near to us who as we were leaving asked what the 99th Garrison was as they had seen this on the back of our fleeces.  When it was explained what we do, that we do it for charities and mainly for Dreamflight and explained what that was, one of them produced a £20.00 note as a donation!  Wow!!!  Her friend also insisted on kissing Vader's helmet!

A very enjoyable and busy troop... it was nice to crew for a change too!

A huge thanks to Craig, Ken, Jim, Darran, Paul and Rhys.