Sunday, 19 August 2012

99th Garrison attends a Charity concert for the Lymphoma Association in memory of Mel - Saturday 18th August, 2012.

Mark Busby [who we had previously attended the football matches at Notts Forest and Chesterfield for in May] had invited us along to meet and greet the guests as they arrived at a Rowing Club venue in Nottingham.

The venue was nest door to Notts and there was a match going on when we arrived so we killed some time by having a 99 with flake [but sadly no raspberry ripple] whilst we waited for the various burger vans etc and the supporters to depart so that we could then park where we had been instructed to.

We had to be in Armour for six and what had been an average day weatherwise suddenly turned very hot and sunny and within 10 mintues of starting to get into costume, I was sweating... it was hot.

We had a changing room which was located at the back of the stage and on entering the stage/hall I met Aundrea Nyle from the voice who gave me a new trooping name.... a "Troopette"  I like!

We then went outside which was only slighter cooler than being indoors to meet and greet.  It was fairly quiet for us with no collection pots to rattle and only a few photos and by 7:30 as most of the guests had arrived we dekitted and then stayed to watch some of the acts.

We also got to hold an Olympic Torch!!

We saw a duet called Distracted who were very young and very good, Chole Pownall who was also very good and Carmel Reynolds... who was very good and reached some very high notes very successfully.   Further detail can be found about the event and acts here.
There were only four of us at this event so, a huge thanks to Craig, Darran and Jim and to Mark for inviting us... Sadly I did not get to see Aundrea Nyle as I had to leave at about !0:00pm and she still hadn't been on but I'm hoping to see her again at another event for Mark some time.