Tuesday, 23 August 2011

99th Garrison goes to the American Classic Car Show - Northampton - 20 and 21st August 2011

The 99th Garrison and MK Garrison was asked to attend the American Classic Car show at the Billing Aquadome, Northamtpon on Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st August 2011 to help with fund raising for Help For Heroes.  

We weren't able to do the Saturday but went along on the Sunday with Craig, leaving at about 08:45 and getting there at about 11:00am.  Ian and Marie had traveled down from the North East with Mark and Matthew and made a weekend of it renting a caravan on site for their stay.  On arrival at the site [Billing Aquadone is huge by the way!] we eventually found their caravan and located Paul who had traveled from our neck of the woods in Derbyshire. We got ready in the caravan with Jim and Ian crewing for us.  We then made our way through the park to the main arena where we were extremely popular and well cared for by the organizers.  We were also joined there by Stuart form the MK Garrison... thanks Stu!! 

Paul had brought his Lord Vader with him and made his appearance later with accompanying loud Lord Vader style breathing and music and we were then even more popular than we had been previously.  We posed for photos for a while and then went and posed by some of the fantastic classic cars as well... They were gleaming in the sun and we were somewhat hot and perspiring! ! Boy was it hot!!!  Yet another event where you're left thinking "one of the few days where I'm not at work and could be getting a tan if it were not for the fact that you're covered in white plastic!" but that's what its all about.... trooping in all weather with good friends and for worthy causes.

We took a break because of the heat after one circuit of the cars before going back out again before lunch and then stopping for a lunch break... all kindly provided by the organizers and much appreciated.  I have to say that I have never seen us all look so hot and sweaty as we did when we took our helmets off at lunch... especially poor Paul and Lord Vader... but Paul didn't complain once!  What a trooper!!!  We also met up with Gary from the MKG who had been there on Saturday in costume and had ended up dancing on stage - as a stormtrooper as part of the evening's entertainment! 

After lunch we posed for photos again and Ian got changed into his Darth Revan.  We were then briefed our next "performance" which involved us being driven back into the main stage area either in or on the back of an american pick up truck or walking at the front or at the back with a lady DJ/singer called Lynette dressed as Princess Leia.  She then entertained the crowd with a medley of songs such as "I will survive " , "Stand by your man" and "sometimes its hard to be a woman" with various of us being involved in each song... it was brilliant... and was videoed... I just hope that we can get hold of a copy.

We then took part in handing out the trophies to each of the winning cars and there were some beauts!!

The organizers were well impressed with the 99th and the MKG on both the Saturday and the Sunday and I know that an article is due to appear in their American Classic Car magazine as well. They could not thank us enough!

A huge thank you to Paul T for getting the event and to Jim, Craig, Ian, Marie, Matthew, Mark, Paul, Stuart and to Gary and all the other MK members who attended on the Saturday.  love ya!  .. this was what trooping is all about!!